How to Write a Name Change Form

There are a number of reasons that someone might decide on a name change; divorce and dissatisfaction with a current name are the main reasons. Making a name change is a fairly common procedure, and it is generally quite easy to carry out. As with any legal document, however, it is a good idea to approach an attorney if you have questions or are unsure about any of the requirements for your name change application.

Below we will give some tips to consider in preparing to write your name change form. It is also important to consider taking some English grammar help. Dedicated grammar checker software will make sure you write according to grammar rules, with perfect punctuation and spelling. WhiteSmoke's online English software is the best proofreading tool available. After all, you wouldn't want to make a name change only to discover a spelling mistake that WhiteSmoke could have corrected for you! WhiteSmoke will run a grammar check and spell check on your application to make sure it is 100% error free.

Tips for the Name Change Form:

  1.   First, be sure about your decision.
  2.   Check for any special legal requirements in your state, and find out the exact process required to change your name.
  3.   Write clearly and succinctly.
  4.   Don't use any slang, and omit needless words.
  5.   Use the active voice, avoid the passive voice.
  6.   Simplify wordy phrases.
  7.   Organize your content in order of importance.
  8.   Spell correctly.

With these tips you can begin to write your name change form. Do not forget to check for the relevant laws about name changes in your state. To ensure that your application holds up as a serious legal document, you must proofread your writing. WhiteSmoke is a complete solution for online proofreading and editing. A powerful writing tool, WhiteSmoke features amazing text enrichment features not found in any other grammar software. A comprehensive synonym tool suggests relevant word changes to enhance your writing, and advanced algorithms offer adjective and adverb suggestions to make your English writing more communicative. A proprietary dictionary and thesaurus complete the package to make it a truly all-in-one solution.