How to Write a Business Letter

Creating the right image of yourself and your company is crucial for good business, and takes effort. The business letters you write are an essential part of this process, so make them professional and polished with WhiteSmoke's help. This comprehensive writing software covers every element of English writing, from English grammar and spelling to punctuation and text enrichment. When WhiteSmoke takes care of these details, you can focus on making the contacts and deals you need.

An effective business letter will make your recipient want to read more. If your business writing is clear and to the point, with a straightforward and friendly tone, you'll have success. By following certain steps and using the right proofreading software, you can achieve your business goals through your business writing.

What are these steps? First, determine what your aim is - why are you writing? Second, consider your audience; the more you keep your readers in mind, the more you will write in a way that suits them in particular. Third, concentrate on your content, especially making the opening and closing of your business letter strong; including important information at the beginning of your business writing and ending politely is sure to impress your contacts and ensure they understand you. Finally, remember these points as smart guidelines to follow: keep your business writing short, simple, strong, and sincere.

You may be writing business letters for a variety of purposes. For each of these, like writing a business proposal or announcing a new product line, you must pay close attention to presenting yourself professionally. Innovative WhiteSmoke writing software is what you need to make sure this happens. The English grammar check in this all-in-one solution will check and correct for proper use of verb tenses among other errors with English grammar rules. The online dictionary and spell check features ensure high readability with accurate vocabulary words. The punctuation check will detect mistakes so that there will be no confusion in meaning resulting from misused punctuation marks like commas.

Core elements of writing to consider were just listed, but you must also remember to use precise terminology and vocabulary when you are trying to impress a client. WhiteSmoke's vast thesaurus is the writing tool you need for this, with 270,000 synonyms. So enrich your text instantly with our synonym software, plus with relevant descriptive adjectives and adverbs for exciting business letters, suggested by our patented smart algorithm and artificial intelligence server.