Using the Dictionary

Hello everybody,

How are you all doing? Hope you had a great Easter – mine was fantastic!
During my holiday I was reading quite a bit, which made me think of you all and the topic of today: Using the Dictionary.

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The thing is, using the dictionary is such a long and tedious process. In order to get the right definition or translation of a word in your own language, you basically have to go through all of the following steps:

1. Check what letter the word begins with: For example, the word Enthusiastic begins with the letter  ‘E’.

2. Get a dictionary (big or small) open on the right letter (while going through the ABC over and over again).

3. Take into consideration the second letter of your word: For example the letter ‘n’ in the word Enthusiastic.

4. Go through the dictionary to search for words beginning with ‘en’. You have to go through all the letters combinations till you reach the desired combination of ‘en’.

5. Go through all the words related to ‘enthusiastic’. For example, enthusiasm, till you reach your target word.

6. Read all the definitions of the word to find the one which fits the context you first encountered it in.

My point is - this is a long and tedious process. Honestly, don’t you wish you could just blink and TADAA! your definition magically appears?

Well I’ve got great news for you – an online multi-lingual dictionary!

An online multi-lingual dictionary saves you the time and trouble of using a traditional dictionary, by providing you the definition and the translation of your target word in your native language in one simple click.

As my beloved readers, I want to offer you the WhiteSmoke Multilingual Dictionary for only $19.95 when upgrading to WhiteSmoke Writer 2010+ to make life a bit easier for you.

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Have a lovely day,

Keren White