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WhiteSmoke.com has a range of tools and resources, both free and paid, that can greatly assist those teaching English. From free online grammar and translation tools, through to our premium desktop applications and online video courses, there is something for all budgets.

English Language Content for Teachers

Our blog is full of great information for teachers and students alike. We have all our content organized by specific category, so all grammar posts are together, as well as ESL and more. All posts on the blog have the categories listed in the sidebar, for your easy navigation through the content.

Free Online Tools to Assist Teachers

There are several free tools on the WhiteSmoke website. Check them out for yourself and your students today!

Free Writers Toolbar Download!

Your students can install the WhiteSmoke Toolbar. It is free, installs in seconds, and gives them a suite of tools to assist with writing and language. It features an integrated version of our free grammar and writing checker, a translation tool, and it has a special selection of FREE online video courses that are only available through the toolbar. There are versions of the toolbar for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

WhiteSmoke Toolbar Download

Free Online Grammar and Spelling Checker

Our free online checker gives you access to WhiteSmoke's text correction and enhancement technologies - for free. There is a character limit and it is missing some important usability features from the full desktop application, but it can still be used to efficiently check grammar and more.

Free Grammar Checker

Free Online Dictionary

WhiteSmoke's free online dictionary is a great resource, featuring definitions, synonyms, antonyms and more for the English language. Bookmark it for easy access.

Free Online Dictionary

Free Online Translation Tool

WhiteSmoke also has a free translation tool. Simply go to the dictionary, type in a word in English, and under the definitions, you will find a translation interface.

Free Online Translator

Online English Language Course

There are a range of premium English language courses we offer, with different levels for different English learners. Check out the product page.

English Language Courses

WhiteSmoke Premium Desktop Applications

And of course, our world-leading language solution products.

WhiteSmoke Writer

WhiteSmoke Translator

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant