WhiteSmoke Lessons

WhiteSmoke Lessons are online video courses to teach you English. Making learning English easy and fun, these tutorials feature case scenarios and interactive tests, and come in various levels to suit every English learner. Improve your English today with WhiteSmoke!

  •  Learn at your own pace
  •  Interactive learning system
  •  Wide range of topics
  •  Real-life scenarios
  •  Detailed case studies
  • Achievement tests

Learn in Your Time, at Your Level

English Online - Basic Level

Perfect for English beginners. Includes over 50 theme-based tutorials.

The Basic Level of English Online includes over 50 theme-based tutorials, each containing stimulating topics and activities, as well as exciting videos, slide shows, and texts. Read, listen, and practice speaking at your own pace, and improve your English today!

English Online - Intermediate Level

Designed for people with some English knowledge. Includes over 45 theme-based tutorials.

The Intermediate Level of English Online includes over 45 theme-based tutorials, to take you along to the next level of English speaking, reading, and writing. The tutorials feature a variety of stimulating topics and activities in videos, slideshows and text. Deepen your knowledge of English today with English Online.

English Online - Advanced Level

Challenging lessons for advanced English learners. Includes over 45 theme-based tutorials.

The Advanced Level of English Online includes over 45-theme based tutorials, that will push you towards a fluent understanding of English reading, writing, and speaking. Like other English Online courses, the Advanced Level features engaging topics and activities to facilitate your learning. Materials include videos, slide shows, and texts. Hone your English skills today with English Online.

Business English Online

Over 72 theme-based tutorials to sharpen your Business English skills.

Business English Online is a true multimedia experience for those seeking to conduct international business in English. Over 72 tutorials will guide you through common business scenarios, and supporting slideshows and texts will help you advance your Business English at your own pace. Take your business to a new level today with Business English Online.