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Copywriting requires you to be creative in your writing. You must be innovative and interesting, vary your vocabulary and make your writing look professional. All these tasks are hard enough, without having to worry about the grammar you're using or the punctuation you're missing. WhiteSmoke Copywriting Software is designed especially for this purpose. To make your life easier by offering you writing solutions on different levels.

WhiteSmoke Copywriting Software - Dress to Impress

WhiteSmoke Copywriting Software uses a Natural Language Processing technology, which will enrich your text. Based on the context of the text, WhiteSmoke Copywriting Software will suggest you to replace your words with appropriate synonyms from the WhiteSmoke thesaurus.

Convinced to Write

Write like a pro - WhiteSmoke will edit and enhance your text in a way that will make your reades believe that you are a professional writer.

Online Dictionary - WhiteSmoke Online Dictionary will provide you with the definitions and spelling of English words.

Online thesaurus - Look for synonyms and antonyms for the words you wish to use in your text in order to maintain its meaning.

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WhiteSmoke Copywriting Software goes way beyond providing synonyms and a thesaurus. In order to enhance your writing on different levels, WhiteSmoke Copywriting software includes a grammar checker and a spell checker, which will make sure your writing is intact.

See the product page for further information.