# 1 Best Tip for Improving Your Writing

The # 1 Tip for Improving Your Writing:

(Drumroll please . . . )

READ ! ! !

To WRITE better English . . . you must READ more English!

This fact has been proven by professional literacy studies as well as personal testimony from top writing experts. Most skilled English writers already know that reading improves your vocabulary. This is because reading exposes you to new words -- within the context of familiar words -- which helps you understand their spelling and meaning, without having to memorize anything.

Far-Reaching Benefits

Reading does more than vocabulary enrichment. Literacy studies have proven time and time again that in order to excel in a language, reading is an essential component of one's language education and familiarization.

The University of Melbourne in Australia conducted a recent case study on literacy improvement in primary schools. According to their study, the following advances in language acquisition and writing skills were observed in school-children as side-effects of READING:

  • Vocabulary Improvement
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure Familiarization
  • Reinforcement of Previous Knowledge

So find some interesting reading material (perhaps OTHER THAN your schoolwork?) and take control of your English writing skills, right now!!!

Good Luck, from WhiteSmoke!