Mistakes You Really Don’t Want to Make

And we mean really...

Not everyone understands how crucial it is to avoid embarrassing mistakes in their texts. Here are a few stories WhiteSmoke customers shared with us: 


“She’s a really fat worker!”

Imagine the woman’s horror when she was described by her boss as a really “fat” worker, instead of a really “fast” one.

Lesson learned: Sometimes you have embarrassing mistakes just because you didn’t have time to proofread your text. Always use a proofreading tool before sending emails.


“Donate to the poo…”

The CEO of an Education company said in an interview that the company allocates a percentage of profits to donate to the poor. Imagine his horror when he saw the typo in the newspaper!

Lesson learned: Had the newspaper relied on more than their editors and used a good proofreading tool, this error would have been corrected.


“Proceeds will be used to cripple children…”

When lawyers asked an employee to specify where the proceeds of their non-profit organization was going, he received an email saying it will be used “to cripple children” when the employee meant, we hope, that it will be used “for crippled children”.

Lesson learned: A small grammar mistake can completely change the meaning of your text. Always use a good grammar checker for your texts before you send them out.  


“Slow Children Crossing”

This was a sign intended to tell drivers to slow down because there are kids in the area. The sign was supposed to say “Slow, Children Crossing” but took on a whole new meaning because of a missing comma.

Lesson learned: The most common writing mistakes are punctuation mistakes. Using an advanced punctuation checker is very important and can prevent embarrassing mistakes.


 Can you really count on yourself to never make a mistake? After all, it’s only human to make mistakes. WhiteSmoke is here so that you don’t have to worry anymore!

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