5 Tips for Proofreading Your Work

Proofreading is an important aspect of writing, whether you are writing a simple email, a memo, a resume, or a research paper. To make sure that you come up with excellently written materials, you should take the time to proofread your writing. Below are five simple proofreading tips you can use.

  • 1. Allow Some Time Between Writing and Proofreading

    When the document you have written is still fresh in your mind, most likely you will not spot errors that quickly. You should rest your mind for a while before you proceed to proofread your work. This is one of the secrets of editing.
  • 2. Do Not Read Too Fast

    If you are the type of person who reads too fast, develop the habit of reading more slowly when reviewing your work for errors. This will help you pick out details that you would not have noticed if you read fast.
  • 3. Read Your Document Aloud

    This may sound weird, but it helps to actually hear what you have written.  Reading your document aloud will alert you to grammatical errors when you hear something that does not sound right.
  • 4. Take Note of the Mistakes You Commonly Make

    Note down the errors that you often make. Perhaps there are a few words that you tend to misspell, or grammatical errors that you often overlook. Keeping a record of these errors will make you more mindful of them in the future.
  • 5. Revise and Re-Read

    Finally, revise your work after spotting the errors, and then read it again. Don’t expect to catch all the errors in one sitting.

English proofreading does not have to be so difficult. You can train yourself to do it by following these five simple steps, or try WhiteSmoke for proofreading and editing.