How to Recognize A Verb in A Sentence?

1. Tests for verbs: A good way to identify a verb when a word is in doubt is to ask, Can I do it? I can succeed (do it) is correct but I can success is incorrect. This means succeed is a verb and the related part of speech success is not a verb; in this case, success is a noun.
Another test for verbs is to use the word in question in a different verb tense. If the sentence still makes sense, the word is a verb.
Original: That’s the updated version of the software.
Test:     That’s the will update version of the software.
[The word updated here is not a verb because using it in the future simple tense in the second sentence does not result in a logical sentence; it is an adjective describing the noun version]

2. Verbs can also be recognized by some common verb suffixes and prefixes.
Suffix or Prefix    Meaning     Examples
-ate     to cause, make     to activate, to differentiate
-fy or -ify     to transform into     to signify, to clarify
-ize (British -ise)    to make like     to realize, to criticize
-en    to make/turn into     to redden, to soften
be-    forms transitive verbs that mean "cause"    to befriend, to beseech
en-    to bring into the condition of    to encode, to engender