English Proofreading Software

You would never leave the house without looking in the mirror to make sure that your hair isn't sticking straight up or that you don't have a piece of last night's spinach stuck in your teeth. Most people would agree that their outward appearance is important – especially when it comes to making a good impression and building bridges in the business or academic world. The same thing can be said for your writing – a document, letter, or resume can be used to present you at your best…or at your worst. A well-written document, free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, will give your reader the impression that you are a thoughtful, organized, and conscientious person; a sloppy document riddled with errors will have the opposite, and highly undesirable, effect. This is why we cannot stress enough how important it is that you proofread each and every document you write before clicking "Send."

WhiteSmoke's proofreading software is designed to catch even the smallest of mistakes that you may have overlooked during the composition of your document. As a human proofreader, your eyes are likely to gloss over minor omissions, misspelled words, or improper word usage. This is especially the case if you are the author of the document; because you wrote the text, your brain has the power of the communicating to your eyes what the text should say, rather than what is actually written. If you wrote, for example, "I need to loose weight," your eyes may not catch that you actually meant to write "lose" instead of "loose" since it automatically reads your intentions.

A computer-based English proofreading program, however, offers the benefit of being 100% objective. Designed using error-catching algorithms based on hundreds of thousands of samples, WhiteSmoke's proofreading software will have no trouble picking up on the written errors. It will "read" your document through the clear, unbiased lens of a computer, catching all errors – spelling, grammar, usage, syntax, and style errors.

Grammatical errors won't just make your writing flawed and sloppy, but can also change the entire meaning of a sentence. In some cases, this won't matter much, but in others, it could dramatically alter your goal or intentions. For example, let's say you are writing a grant proposal for a non-profit and want to list projected expenses. Forgetting a zero or accidentally using a comma when you intended on using a period could do severe damage to your cause. $75.00 is a very different figure than $75,000.

Another example: You write “Let’s eat Joe” but meant to write “Let’s eat, Joe.” The words are the same, but the addition of the comma changes the entire meaning of the sentence…and will save Joe!

One comma can mean so much!

Our state-of-the-art proofreading software is designed to identify such potential mistakes. It is ideal for students, businesspeople, lawyers, and anyone else who puts a premium on good writing.

Remember, even the best of writers are prone to careless errors, and even those who spend hours proofreading their own work may miss a mistake, due simply to the fact of being human.

Why not leave the scouring and scanning to a cutting edge program especially designed to catch mistakes? WhiteSmoke's automatic proofreading software will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and more effectively than even the most scrutinizing set of human eyes.

Let us check your work so you can hit "Send" with the highest degree of confidence possible!