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Whenever contemplating how to say a certain word in English or how to spell it WhiteSmoke Dictionary Software has the answer. WhiteSmoke Online Dictionary Software will provide you with in dept definitions of words as well as a thesaurus tool, which is responsible for providing you with the correct synonyms for words you chose in your writing.

How Do You Say "Dictionary" in English?

Whitesmoke Online Dictionary tool does not only provide you with a dictionary and a thesaurus. It also includes an Enrichment Software, which will enrich your text according to its formality level, and an Editing Software, which will make sure your text is coherent.

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WhiteSmoke Dictionary Software is the best way to get around the world of words.

Instant analysis - With only one click, WhiteSmoke will enrich your text and correct your grammar and spelling as a good editor would.

User Friendly - WhiteSmoke Dictionary Software is an easy to use tool, which works on any application.

Synonym suggestions - Click on a word to see relevant synonyms that will enrich your text.

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Try our online dictionary software for free today, and assess the quality for yourself.

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Knowing how to say a word in English or how to spell is not enough to make your text coherent. Therefore, WhiteSmoke Online Dictionary Software consists of both a grammar checker and a punctuation tool, which will enhance your writing and make your texts coherent and professional.

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