WhiteSmoke Translator Features

-Dictionary and Thesaurus

-Full-text and word-to-word translation to and from 55 languages.

-Usage examples for every translated word, displaying how it is used in a sentence.

-Works alongside any text application.

How Does WhiteSmoke Translator Work?

WhiteSmoke Translator is built upon Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology. This means that the WhiteSmoke computers, along with leading linguistic experts, analyze millions of professionally translated texts and then calculate translations with the highest probability of being true to the source – that’s why it’s called “statistical”! The WhiteSmoke linguists constantly work on the WhiteSmoke Translator, improving it every day and ensuring you get the best and most advanced technology available today.

Who Uses the WhiteSmoke Translator?

The WhiteSmoke Translator has a variety of applications and can be used by academics and professionals from all fields and specialties. WhiteSmoke Translator is currently being used by children in schools, adults in the workplace and at home, individuals who are learning a second language, corporate professionals and even professional translators! The WhiteSmoke Translator makes understanding easier and opens doors to new worlds and new languages, promoting communication everywhere.

Where Can I Use WhiteSmoke Translator?

Here are only a few of the many places you can use WhiteSmoke Translator:

Social Networks
The amazing and appealing thing about social networks is that it is worldwide. With WhiteSmoke Translator you can connect with people from different countries around the world in different languages!

International Business
Expand your business to new markets and countries with the WhiteSmoke Translator. Translate your emails, contracts, websites…etc. WhiteSmoke Translator helps you go global!

Translate your blogs with the WhiteSmoke Translator and appeal to newer and larger audiences by having your content displayed in multiple languages.

Professional Translation Services
If you are a professional translator, use WhiteSmoke Translator to lighten the load. By automating some of the initial draft translations, you will have more time to concentrate on the small details.

School and Academic Research
Access more content from foreign language publications with WhiteSmoke Translator and reference sources that your colleagues and classmates could only dream of! And More.

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