The Homonym - Homophone Quiz

Think you’re an English genius? Try answering the questions below and

see how good you really are!


Which sentence of the two is correct?


  1. (a) The student tried to alter the test results by cheating.
    (b) The student tried to altar the test results by cheating.

  2. (a) The rain had a horrible affect on Johnny’s mood.
    (b) The rain had a horrible effect on Johnny’s mood.

  3. (a) Bobby needed his parents’ counsel regarding a problem.
    (b) Bobby needed his parents’ council regarding a problem.




1.  If you chose (a) you were right! “Alter” with an “e” means “to change” while “altar” with an “a” is platform or slab (like in a church).


2. The correct answer is (b)! This is a tricky one many seem to find confusing. Simply remember that “affect” with an “a” is a verb while “effect” with an “e” is a noun. So something can have “an effect” on someone, or it can “affect” them!


3. (a) is the correct option! Though the two words sound exactly the same, they have very different meanings. “Counsel” means “advice” while “council” is a “committee”. 



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