Firstly, make sure you are connected to the Internet before running Whitesmoke.
Do you have a firewall installed (Like Norton,Windows XP Firewall,Macfee,etc)? This may be the cause of the problems. In order to use WhiteSmoke you need to configure your firewall.

- If you are using McAfee Personal Firewall Plus please refer to this user guide:

- If you are using Windows Firewall please do the following: Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Exceptions > Add Program > Browse; now go to C:\program files\whitesmoke\ and double click WSEnrichment.exe ; now click OK. Make sure that under the General tab, "Don't Allow Exeptions" is NOT clicked. Whitesmoke should be working from now on.

- If you are using Norton Firewall:
Click the Norton Security icon at the bottom right corner in your system tray.
Go to Norton Internet Security > Status and Settings.
Then you see that the Personal firewall is turned on. Click "Configure" button.
Go to Programs and scroll down the list for Manual Program Control.
If Whitesmoke Enrichment is on the list click on the 2nd column and choose "Permit all".
If Whitesmoke Enrichment is NOT on the list, click the "Add" button, navigate to "C:\Program Files\Whitesmoke\WSEnrichment.exe" and double click it.

Make sure it is set to "Permit all".
Otherwise, please check your Windows Firewall settings / Anti-Virus settings to make sure they aren't blocking Whitesmoke from accessing the Internet.

If you are in your work place please contact your System/Security Administrator for further assistance. We can also provide him with some details about proxy settings.