In keeping with software industry standards, WhiteSmoke, Inc. ("WhiteSmoke") has adopted the following Return, Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  1. Any product purchased from WhiteSmoke with a validity term of over 31 days is eligible to a full refund granted the refund is requested within 31 days of the purchase of the product. Daily or Monthly plans are refundable only if there is a technical issue preventing the user from using the service, and the refund is requested within 48 hours of purchasing.
  2. PLEASE NOTE THAT LICENSES PURCHASED AFTER 1st May 2018 Are subject to a One week refund policy including auto renewals / subscriptions.
  3. Upon cancellation of any end-user license to use the WhiteSmoke Text Enrichment Software ("License", "Software", respectively), full refund of the amount actually paid to WhiteSmoke for such License will be granted to the customer who requested such cancellation in writing by email to Any refund will be made according to the original payment method of the relevant customer.

    The only way to request a refund is by sending an e-mail to the billing department. An automatic reply is sent within 5 minutes confirming the receipt of any email sent to the billing department.
  4. The aforementioned provision shall not apply in cases where a License was purchased by a customer following a trial period of the Software or any version thereof of at least 30 calendar days from the date of downloading it, during which the customer was afforded with an opportunity to evaluate the Software prior to making a decision to purchase a License. However, if a cancellation is requested despite such trial period, WhiteSmoke at its sole discretion may agree to refund the customer, based on a reasonable explanation of the cancellation request.
  5. All returns and cancellations require a cancellation authorization number, which can be obtained by contacting WhiteSmoke's customer service department.
  6. Licenses for configure-to-order, personalized or other customized versions of the Software may not be cancel-able or refunded under any circumstances, unless WhiteSmoke's specific written consent is given for such cancellation.
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