4 Tips for Constructing a Sentence

Basic sentence construction is a must for anyone writing English, from native speakers writing at work through to ESL learners. The following are 4 basic tips for constructing a sentence correctly.

  • 1. Use the Proper Articles

    There are two kinds of articles: definite and indefinite. The definite article (the) is used to refer to specific nouns. Below is an example in which the article refers to a particular apple.  

        He ate the apple.

    Indefinite articles (a, an) refer to general nouns. Below is an example in which the article refers to any apple, not to a particular or specific apple.

        He ate an apple.

  • 2. Make Your Subject and Verb Agree

    This is a basic rule in sentence construction. Singular nouns should use verbs in singular form and plural nouns should use verbs in plural form. Look at these examples.

        She likes to drink coffee.
            They like to go out and have fun
  • .
  • 3. Know the Proper Use of Prepositions

    Prepositions are important in sentence construction.  There are different kinds of prepositions: for direction (to, on, in, onto, into), for location (at, in, on), and for time and place. You should be able to distinguish the use of each preposition. You can learn more about prepositions by using software for ESL learners.
  • 4. Know Which Punctuation Marks to Use

    Study how the different punctuation marks are used in a sentence. For example, you should be able to distinguish between the use of a comma, a semicolon, and a colon. You will be able to learn more about these punctuation marks through the use of writing software such as WhiteSmoke.