Our Product

WhiteSmoke Writer is the leading software for writing correction on the market. The core features of WhiteSmoke include advanced grammar, spelling, punctuation and style checking – all designed to detect and correct errors in your text. WhiteSmoke performs this error detection and correction by a combination of rule-based and statistical algorithms. These artificial intelligence algorithms, WhiteSmoke's artificial intelligence, enable the wide detection of errors in many different contexts. What’s more – it works everywhere you type: in MS-Word, in Outlook, or any other text-editing program or a web browser, you can use WhiteSmoke!

All in One Solution

- Grammar

- Spelling

- Writing Style

- Punctuation

- Text Enrichment

- Error explanation

- Thesaurus

- Grammar Tutorials

- Document and letter templates

- Field-specific English dictionaries

- Multilingual dictionary

Who Uses WhiteSmoke?

WhiteSmoke Writer is used by children at school, adults in the workplace, by people learning English as a second language, and by corporate professionals writing business reports and documentation. Anyone who is writing English, either online or on the desktop, can benefit from WhiteSmoke Writer text correction and enhancement:

Business People and Authorities
Write concise and professional emails, memos, proposals and presentations.

Jobseekers and Career-ladder Climbers
Edit your resume or CV and write impressive cover letters that will stand out to employers.

Students and Educators
Refine essays, research papers, thesis papers and other written assignments.

Authors, Journalists and Bloggers
Elevate your writing to a new level, proofread editorial pieces and get creative whilst avoiding embarrassing mistakes on blogs, or other social media.

Medical, technical and other highly skilled professionals
Ensure accuracy in reports, product descriptions, legal contracts and other correspondences.

ESL Students
Translate from your native language, learn from tutorials and write with confidence, regardless of your English background or skill level.

How to use Whitesmoke

WhiteSmoke Writer works everywhere you type! Simply highlight your text then press the F2 button on your keyboard and voilà! WhiteSmoke will show errors and offer corrections and ways to improve your text. It also automatically checks emails sent from Outlook and alerts you if any errors are detected, so you avoid embarrassing mistakes. The program is also available as an online version, “WhiteSmoke Anywhere”, that can be accessed from your web browser. This way you can use the editor on-the-go or on computers where you don’t have permission to install programs.


WhiteSmoke’s grammar engine uses sophisticated rule-based and statistical algorithms to detect improbable sequences of Parts-of-Speech and words. The rule-based method allows us to generalize over a wide range of grammatical states, thus creating broad error coverage range. This is in contrast to other grammar and style checkers, which use large databases that replace specific words with alternative ones. The statistical algorithms handle the fine-grained word-specific information, and thus balance the rule-based generalizations. The combination of the two methods provides both robustness and flexibility to WhiteSmoke Writer.

Core Features

Grammar Checker

Spell Checker

Style Checker


Punctuation Checker