Business English Resources

There is almost no argument that the English language has become the international language for communication around the globe. When we specifically examine the workings of the world of business, we see that it too, is becoming globalized, as corporations and business ventures are constantly striving to expand and break through into global markets and dispersing company centers worldwide.

The result is that employees and executives alike, now have to work hard to improve their Business English in order to increase the success rates on that next major business deal and to be able to confidently interact with people in work settings, which are gradually becoming more culturally and linguistically diverse. English is the key to overcoming such diversity.

Business English offers the best way for people to learn English specifically tailored to the needs of the work place. Business English teaches you how to interact in all language skills and be able to efficiently do business all the way to the top. Being aware of business related vocabulary such as finance, management or marketing terms is not enough as real successful business relies on real inter-personal communication in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Speaking Business English enables you to better negotiate with potential business partners, supply professional customer support or merely be able to interact well on the office phone. Being able to give cutting-edge business presentations in English followed by the proverbial "small talk" that leads to "big business" is what Business English is all about. Listening to breaking news on the radio enables you to respond to changing business dynamics and modify company policies in real-time.

Business English with the WhiteSmoke English Writing Tool

The ever growing use of English also means users must work on their Business English writing skills, as e-mails, discussion forums, blogs and other forms of social media add up to more traditional business writing activities, such as creating reports, formulating contracts, sending formal letters or getting those finishing touches to your business plan.

Enter WhiteSmoke English writing software, the best writing tool available to improve your Business English writing. WhiteSmoke's advanced artificial intelligence algorithms enable detection and correction of language errors that may damage the professional business image you want to project. With WhiteSmoke's English grammar engine, you will not have to worry about seeming unintelligent to prospective customers when writing that next business email.

Trust WhiteSmoke's impressive proofreading abilities, as the ever-improving spell checker and smart punctuation check will prevent you from getting embarrassed, or even worse - rejected by would-be partners or investors for your next business venture.

WhiteSmoke's English text correction features are coupled with its text enrichment database. As the software algorithms constantly scan an endless number of texts, adding to the large variety of enrichment suggestions for synonyms, extra adjectives and adverbs that bring English text enhancement to a whole new level. WhiteSmoke's English text enhancement also builds on WhiteSmoke's remarkable online English dictionary and thesaurus, which can be supplemented by an optional Multi-Language Translator, giving you immediate foreign language translations within any WhiteSmoke dictionary entry. This genuinely makes the software adaptable for international English users.

Business Online Video Tutorials

An exciting new supplement to the WhiteSmoke experience that helps you be a better effective communicator in Business English is Business Online, a new series of video tutorials brought to you by WhiteSmoke. We are now proud to offer you a 24-unit online Business English course, which is based on real-life business scenarios and practices all 4 language skills. The program is suited for intermediate to advanced speakers working and communicating in a corporate environment and contains on-line immediate assessment, ideal for students preparing for Business English certification or ESOL exams, or anyone who seeks to improve their English and succeed in International business.

WhiteSmoke's Free Business English Articles

We are well aware that even native English speakers find it sometimes difficult to produce quality pieces of writing or simply do not know from where to begin. WhiteSmoke yet again responds to your English writing needs and provides hundreds of writing models and templates that ease your steps into the production of such diverse writing tasks, such as letters of job application, business e-mails, letters of recommendation or complaint, office memos, press releases, grant requests or even a full business plan. A complete list of the free WhiteSmoke articles for Business English and Business writing can be found here: Business Writing Articles. In addition to these business pages, enjoy our English Lesson pages to brush up on your general English skills.

Considering all that WhiteSmoke English writing software offers you to correct, enrich and enhance your English writing and Business English abilities, why not enjoy it all today? Your English communication both inside and outside your business will definitely take you to the next level of performance, making you wonder how you got by without WhiteSmoke.