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Whether you're writing an essay, an important e-mail, or your magnum opus, it's always crucial to double-check your writing for errors. Nobody wants to read a C.V. ravaged by grammar errors, or e-mail correspondence among professionals with abbreviations or slang. Most of these errors happen, well, because we're all humans. However, it also happens because we're too busy to be bothered to check our own writing.

We get that, and that's why we created WhiteSmoke. We help you check your writing quickly and efficiently, and we even try to elevate your writing style by suggesting changes to your texts based on the way you write.

Think of WhiteSmoke as an editor, that's also a proofreader. Our linguistics and engineers built an amazing grammar checking engine which employs the most advanced NLP (natural language processing) algorithms, that detects more errors than any other alternative, helps you learn from your mistakes, and suggests improvements to step up your writing game.

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Our Software Includes

  • Compatibility icon Full Integration With Microsoft Word & Outlook
  • Spelling icon Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Style & Plagiarism Checkers
  • Templates icon Over 100 Document & Letter Templates
  • Translator icon Translator & Dictionary For Over 50 Languages
  • Video icon Video Tutorials, Error Explanations And Text Enrichment
  • Online icon Compatible With Mac OS, Windows, And All Browsers
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