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Mathematicians proved that if you take a couple hundred monkeys and give them typewriters, they will eventually, almost surely, type the complete works of William Shakespeare. That might be impressive, but it’s a classic example of plagiarism. It takes more than a monkey to write something original.

The WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker is here to help you make sure your text is unique. The Checker can detect plagiarism in your blog posts, articles, research pages, websites and much more. WhiteSmoke offers a fast, accurate and reliable service that scans billions of websites online to make sure your text is authentic.

WhiteSmoke also offers a grammar checker, a translator, document and e-mail templates, video tutorials and much more.

WhiteSmoke includes all the tools you need to write crystal clear, plagiarism and error-free texts. Get WhiteSmoke today and start writing better, right now.

WhiteSmoke Plagiarism
Get WhiteSmoke Plagiarism
WhiteSmoke Plagiarism
Get WhiteSmoke Plagiarism

Our Software Includes

  • Compatibility icon Full Integration With Microsoft Word & Outlook
  • Spelling icon Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Checkers
  • Templates icon Detects More Errors Than any Alternative Tool
  • Translator icon Plagiarism Checker That Compares Your Text to Texts Online
  • Video icon Full Text Translator for over 50 Languages
  • Online icon Compatible with Windows and All Browsers
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