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Write Better Documents with a Grammar Checker

For businesspeople, poor grammar could mean losing a new client or not closing an important deal. For a university student, poor grammar may mean a lower grade on a term paper, despite the fact that the content in the term paper is good. Although there are free grammar checker programs available online, they tend to not catch every grammar error made in a document, so "final" products are often sent with embarrassing mistakes.

Language is how we communicate ideas, advertise products, and offer services. If the text on a business website or in a resume or cover letter contains grammatical mistakes, it can not only change the meaning of the text, but it will also demonstrate the writer's sloppiness, carelessness, and unprofessionalism. In short, it will make a poor first impression, which for a visitor to a website or to an employer reading a resume, can hugely impact the next step.

In a recent study, human resource employees said that the number one reason they would not consider a resume is if it was full of grammar errors. It not only looks unprofessional, but it also looks as though the candidate does not care if he or she gets the job or not.

WhiteSmoke's online grammar checker is the best grammar checker software available for identifying and fixing grammar mistakes in academic papers, business letters, legal documents, contracts, and other forms of formal and informal writing. With WhiteSmoke's online grammar checker, you can proofread the text with just a simple click of the mouse. Our online grammar checker will prevent the embarrassment of sending out text riddled with grammar errors. A document that has been through our English grammar checker will look more professional, ensuring that get the new client, close that deal, or ace that term paper.

Why are grammatical errors so commonplace these days? For one, people are always in such a rush when preparing documents. Text messaging and emailing short notes have led people to disregard the importance of proper grammar, so much so that few people actually know all of the rules of grammar anymore. A grammatically incorrect text message may not matter much, but a grammatical error in scientific writing, in a business letter, in a research report, in a book review, or in a business letter does matter. WhiteSmoke aims to address this concern via its correct grammar checker.

WhiteSmoke's grammar checker online is one of the best available. Put your document through the WhiteSmoke grammar checker software program and you will see the difference - what you will have is a well-written document and not an embarrassing one full of grammar errors. Our English grammar checker can be used at any time on any document to enhance and correct writing, even on personal or informal emails.

Take a moment to browse WhiteSmoke's online grammar checking software - it won't take long before you realize how indispensible such a program is. In fact, once you begin using WhiteSmoke's grammar correcting software, you'll gain a greater appreciation for the English language...and never submit a typo-filled document again!

How WhiteSmoke's Grammar Corrector Can Help Your Business

Have you ever received a business document, academic letter, legal contract, or other official or formal piece of correspondence, only to find terrible grammar errors and spelling mistakes? What happened to your impression of that company, firm, or agency? If you're like most people, your impression of their reputation probably dropped a notch. You may have even lost some respect for the sender of the correspondence. After all, was the correspondence so unimportant to them that they couldn't even run a decent grammar check program before sending it out? If they don't take their business seriously, then why should you?

In a society where face-to-face meetings are kept to a minimum, businesses must rely more and more on how their reputation is casted through the means of business correspondence. The same thing goes for lawyers drafting contracts or government agencies writing reports. The documents released by such organizations directly affect the way in which people will view them. Formal, stately, and well-written documents will receive respect and will be taken seriously by its readers. Sloppy, careless, and poorly written jargon, on the other hand, will likely be ignored.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that when you (or your company) compose a letter or other important document, that you review it and proofread it for errors before sending it off. Not only will it make you and your company look unprofessional, but it could literally damage your name, sever business relationships, and serve as an obstacle to closing a deal.

So how do you ensure that your business correspondence is well-written with no grammar or spelling mistakes? You'll need to make sure that you run WhiteSmoke's state-of-the-art grammar checking software on every single document that you plan on sending out. WhiteSmoke's grammar correction software is the best grammar checking program there is available on the market today. The program will correct grammar in any and all types of documents that you may be releasing from your office, including business letters, legal contracts, acceptance letters, letters of reference, and all other written texts.

WhiteSmoke's grammar corrector software works by identifying the grammatical errors that are found in your writing. Once identified, the program will give you correction options - as you'll see, for every grammar problem there are usually a number of different solutions! You'll also have the chance to explore the program's free grammar tips and learning opportunities, a tool proven particularly helpful for people who speak English as a Second Language (ESL) or who are translating their native language into English.

When you buy WhiteSmoke's grammar corrector software program, you will not just be improving your understanding of the English language and improving your writing skills, but you will also be investing in the future of your company.

WhiteSmoke is the Best English Proofreading Software

You would never leave the house without looking in the mirror to make sure that your hair isn't sticking straight up or that you don't have a piece of last night's spinach stuck in your teeth. Most people would agree that their outward appearance is important - especially when it comes to making a good impression and building bridges in the business or academic world. The same thing can be said for your writing - a document, letter, or resume can be used to present you at your best...or at your worst. A well-written document, free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, will give your reader the impression that you are a thoughtful, organized, and conscientious person; a sloppy document riddled with errors will have the opposite, and highly undesirable, effect. This is why we cannot stress enough how important it is that you proofread each and every document you write before clicking "Send."

WhiteSmoke's proofreading software is designed to catch even the smallest of mistakes that you may have overlooked during the composition of your document. As a human proofreader, your eyes are likely to gloss over minor omissions, misspelled words, or improper word usage. This is especially the case if you are the author of the document; because you wrote the text, your brain has the power of the communicating to your eyes what the text should say, rather than what is actually written. If you wrote, for example, "I need to loose weight," your eyes may not catch that you actually meant to write "lose" instead of "loose" since it automatically reads your intentions.

A computer-based English proofreading program, however, offers the benefit of being 100% objective. Designed using error-catching algorithms based on hundreds of thousands of samples, WhiteSmoke's proofreading software will have no trouble picking up on the written errors. It will "read" your document through the clear, unbiased lens of a computer, catching all errors - spelling, grammar, usage, syntax, and style errors.

Grammatical errors won't just make your writing flawed and sloppy, but can also change the entire meaning of a sentence. In some cases, this won't matter much, but in others, it could dramatically alter your goal or intentions. For example, let's say you are writing a grant proposal for a non-profit and want to list projected expenses. Forgetting a zero or accidentally using a comma when you intended on using a period could do severe damage to your cause. $75.00 is a very different figure than $75,000.

Another example: You write "Let's eat Joe" but meant to write "Let's eat, Joe." The words are the same, but the addition of the comma changes the entire meaning of the sentence...and will save Joe!

One comma can mean so much!

Our state-of-the-art proofreading software is designed to identify such potential mistakes. It is ideal for students, businesspeople, lawyers, and anyone else who puts a premium on good writing.

Remember, even the best of writers are prone to careless errors, and even those who spend hours proofreading their own work may miss a mistake, due simply to the fact of being human.

Why not leave the scouring and scanning to a cutting edge program especially designed to catch mistakes? WhiteSmoke's automatic proofreading software will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and more effectively than even the most scrutinizing set of human eyes.

Let us check your work so you can hit "Send" with the highest degree of confidence possible!

The Advantages of Using Grammar Software to Improve English Grammar Skills

Though writing is a skill much like speaking, not everyone is able to write properly in English. While this is true even among people who speak English fluently, it is especially true for those for whom English is not their native tongue. Yes - Microsoft Word provides a reasonable grammar software tool to improve English writing skills; but because it is not an exclusive English grammar software program, it does have limitations, especially if the person using Word does not know every single grammatical rule.

WhiteSmoke's grammar software was designed to address the various shortcomings associated with other English software and writing software programs available. WhiteSmoke's grammar software is part of its writing enhancement software program that assists individuals who want to improve English writing skills and learn the different English language and grammar rules. WhiteSmoke's grammar software program comes with a variety of features that not all writing enhancement software programs may have. Our grammar software, for example, can check formal writing, do a writing review, and proofread entire texts to ensure that they follow all English language rules. Our grammar correction software will analyze each individual sentence for all structural and grammatical errors and will then prompt the writer to make any necessary changes. All mistakes are underlined, and a box will pop up providing suggestions for corrections. The grammar software program does not just change the grammatical, spelling, or punctuation error, but provides information on different corrective actions that can be done.

Our grammar software corrects all punctuation errors as well. The software program compares the text to the huge database of sentences, words, sentence structures, and all possible mistakes via an intelligent algorithm that is programmed to analyze all human writing patterns. The grammar software database continues to update itself by continually scanning a large number of websites for new words and new word usages. This is to ensure the grammar software program always has the latest information on English vocabulary and grammar available at all times.

WhiteSmoke's grammar software program is the best writing enhancement software available on the market to check all formal writing and informal writing. The grammar software assists novice and professional writers in writing professional texts, including acceptance letters, articles, academic papers, reference letters, business correspondence, research reports, and even resignation letters. The professional writing grammar software will do all the editing for you. This way, you do not have to spend too much time doing time consuming self-edits. Nor do you need to worry about overlooking a mistake.

Students love the grammar software program because it saves times and it educates them on all grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, while teaching them how to avoid common errors in the future. Even if you are not a student or do not write articles, papers, or business correspondences on a regular basis, it is still a good idea to use a reliable English language and grammar checker for personal correspondence or a resume.

Using a Grammar Check Program to Improve Your Writing

Are you struggling to write an article, a business letter, a legal document, an academic paper, or a scientific or medical report? Are you having trouble remembering the endless rules of grammar - when to use a semicolon instead of a dash or whether you should capitalize the first word after a colon or leave it lowercase? Has it been years, or even decades, since you took an English composition class and feel that there is just no way you could compose an error-free resume, cover letter, or even personal email?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then consider yourself perfectly normal - few people today outside the world of academia have a strong handle on the mechanics and rules of grammar. That's why it's not uncommon for you to pick up a business proposal or read through a legal contract and find it riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors.

But even though such errors have become commonplace, that doesn't mean that you should feel comfortable sending off your writing loaded with mistakes. A potential employer or a potential client will still likely notice those errors and it will reflect poorly on you. It should go without saying that this is also true for students applying to university or graduate school. 

Investing in WhiteSmoke's online grammar check software (either our free grammar software or our paid grammar check software) is a guaranteed way to make sure that you never submit a grammar-filled piece of writing ever again. Our online grammar checking software will find your grammatical mistakes and fix them, ensuring that your final product is free of grammar errors that could taint your image. Instead of submitting a poorly written resume, for example, you'll hand your future employer a document that you can truly be proud of, one that represents you at your very best. A sloppy resume filled with careless grammatical mistakes will give off the impression that you're a sloppy, careless person; a well-written, flawless document will achieve the exact opposite result, and will likely land you that highly sought-after position.

Although MS Word has a grammar check program, it does not always catch the little mistakes (and sometimes not even the larger, obvious errors). One reason why WhiteSmoke's online grammar check program is reputed to be a cut above the rest is because of its use of built-in algorithms that compare your writing against hundreds of thousands of samples. This helps the program quickly identify every single mistake and not only correct it, but inform the writer of the mistake so that he or she can learn how to avoid making that grammatical or syntax mistake again in the future.

And not only that - but you as an individual will become more confident with your writing skills when you use WhiteSmoke's grammar checker. Whether or not English is your native language, there are always grammatical rules that you could benefit from reviewing. Our grammar checking software won't just correct your important formal and informal documents, but will educate you as to what impressive writing looks like and the ways in which you can achieve your writing goals.

Write Organized, Coherent Paragraphs with WhiteSmoke's Paragraph Checker

Formal documents, informal emails, academic papers, and legal contracts all have one thing in common - they are composed of paragraphs. If you look at each of these texts, you'll see that the structure of the page is comprised of clumps of sentences combined into units. These are your paragraphs, and if your paragraphs are not organized correctly, then your entire document won't make sense.

WhiteSmoke's paragraph checker is designed to scan a document from start to finish, identifying along the way structural errors in the composition of the paragraphs. Sometimes a paragraph will consist of a single sentence, and sometimes it will contain many sentences; our online paragraph checker will review and edit paragraphs at both ends of the spectrum, as well as paragraphs of all sizes in between.

Does your paragraph have a topic or introductory sentence? Does it have supporting sentences or description sentences that support or describe your main idea? Is there a conclusion sentence, standing it to ensure that your paragraph doesn't just end abruptly in the middle of an idea? Finally, does your paragraph contain transitional elements? Transitions will ensure that not only does each paragraph stand solidly on its own, but that it flows naturally with the paragraphs that precede and follow it as well.

Reviewing and editing your paragraphs for stylistic and structural errors can literally transform a document from a jumble of confusing ideas into a tight, organized piece of text. And this doesn't just apply to formal documents - think about literature, or even poetry. Where the paragraph breaks are located significantly defines how a work will be read. Ever notice how if a paragraph is too long your eyes may just gloss over it without actually reading the whole thing? Our paragraph corrector will identify "run-on paragraphs." And as with all of WhiteSmoke's correction tools, you will always receive recommendations and tips on how to proceed after you've been notified of an error.

Paragraphs are made up of sentences and sentences are made up of words. That's why you won't ever use the paragraph correction tool without also using the sentence checker, grammar checker, and spell checker. If your paragraph is structured perfectly, but it's filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, then your idea won't be very comprehensible. A good paragraph has a strong structure - yes - but it also has strong sentences and proper grammar and is free of spelling mistakes.

Why run the risk of submitting or sending off a jumbled document? You have good ideas - don't you want your reader to read your ideas in the most coherent and cohesive fashion? The best way to achieve this goal is to use WhiteSmoke's paragraph checker before submitting any documents. In fact, you can even synch the correction tools with your email, running a quick check before hitting "Send." Let WhiteSmoke paragraph checker do the work for you!

Creating Professional Documents with a Punctuation Checker

If you sometimes get confused between a colon and a semicolon or a hyphen, dash, or em-dash, then you are not alone. In fact, not only are you not alone, but you join the majority of people in this world who can speak English fluently, but who don't know the first thing about the details of punctuation. Fortunately for you, WhiteSmoke has developed a state-of-the-art punctuation checker to help you correct punctuation errors in your writing.

The program offers a wide range of operations. It will identify missing punctuation, like an absent quotation mark or a missing period - obvious mistakes that you probably just missed due to working quickly, and it will also find and correct less obvious punctuation mistakes, like a colon that should really be a dash or an apostrophe that was put in the wrong place.

One of the benefits of such an elaborate program is that over time, you will find that your punctuation usage has actually improved. WhiteSmoke's punctuation checker won't just correct your errors without showing your mistakes; rather, it will highlight your errors, offer possible solutions, and even provide writing tips that will help you avoid making those same mistakes in the future. Think of our punctuation program as your very own personal tutor - you'll receive flawless, perfectly punctuated writing and one-on-one English punctuation lessons!

WhiteSmoke's punctuation checker is a popular tool used in offices, universities, and homes across the world. According to Dr. David Spencer, professor of English, punctuation is a little-studied subject that should deserve more attention. "From an early age schoolchildren are taught how to spell and how to write simple sentences," he says. "But grammar in general and punctuation in particular have been neglected in recent years. Teachers seem to think that students can just rely on Microsoft Word's grammar checker and have that be enough. But it's not enough - the program has its limitations and there are no lessons learned from its suggestions. WhiteSmoke's program offers this dual advantage - it corrects poor grammar and punctuation and it teaches students how to avoid making these errors in the future."

WhiteSmoke's punctuation check software was designed to address the multiple shortcomings associated with other punctuation checker programs that are available. This punctuation checker software comes with a variety of features, including the ability to efficiently analyze all sentences for structural errors. If a punctuation error is located, WhiteSmoke's punctuation checker software program will prompt the writer to change the mistake. Affected areas of the text are underlined and suggestions for possible corrections are given. Not only does this punctuation checker program find the mistakes, but it also teacher the writer how to avoid the mistakes in the future.

WhiteSmoke's punctuation checker compares your written text with its large database of sentences, words, and mistakes and then uses an artificial intelligent algorithm program to determine the writing patterns. The punctuation checker also comes with proofreading capabilities, thesaurus, auto correction features, and other custom settings you would not find in a writing program like Microsoft Word. Our punctuation checker assists novices and professional writers in writing impeccable documents without spending too much time worrying about editing and rewriting - it also teaches them a thing or two about the mechanics of the English language so that in time they'll make fewer and fewer grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors!

Use a Spell Checker Program on Your Text to Ensure it is Written Perfectly

According to one survey, 150 senior executives from 1000 of the largest companies in the United States were asked the importance of proper spelling in resumes. Over 40 percent of those who were given the question, "How many spelling errors in a resume will it take for you to not consider the candidate for the open position with the company?" said that it would take only one spelling error. 36 percent said that they would ignore the first spelling error, but if a second spelling error was found, then they would no longer consider the candidate. Many senior executives state that the resume is an accurate reflection of the potential candidate; they assume if there is a spelling error in a job application, there will be errors while working on the job.

The same holds true for professional business websites. Having correct spelling is of critical importance when it comes to online content. It does not matter how good a website looks; if there are spelling errors it will detract from the site's intended impact and message. Properly spelled content increases the trust a person may have in a website. Not only that, but properly spelled online content ranks higher on major search engine websites than misspelled content.

Invest in WhiteSmoke's spell checker program to ensure that all words are properly spelled. Although Microsoft Word does have a spell check program, it is extremely limited. It will only check the spelling of a word, but not check how a word is used in a sentence. If there is an improper word in the sentence, the WhiteSmoke spell checker program will catch it and provide the writer with possibilities of what words to use instead. When the spell check is activated, the spell checker program will do a comprehensive search of the entire text and highlight all misspelled words. Students, for example, will find the spell checker program invaluable. It's a well known fact that students can lose points on term papers, research papers, essays, or any other academic assignment because of misspelled words. Even though the Microsoft Word spell check program goes over the document, it does not catch everything. With the spell checker program provided by WhiteSmoke, students will not have to worry about this, as all written assignments they hand in will be completely absent of spelling errors.

While we all may rush through writing our documents on the computer, there is no excuse for poor spelling, especially when there is a good spell checker software program available, like WhiteSmoke. WhiteSmoke is credited with being the most powerful spell check tool available today. WhiteSmoke will check your spelling in Microsoft Word documents, emails, blogs, and other social media networking tools. Wherever you can write text, WhiteSmoke's spell checker program will find all common errors associated with spelling and correct them. WhiteSmoke uses advanced algorithms to detect not only misspelled words but correctly spelled words that are used in an improper context. This spell checker program will enhance the quality of your writing and provide you with error-free text every time.

Online Sentence Checker Program At Your Service

Subject-verb agreement. Passive versus active. Dangling modifiers. Fragments. Sentence units. Object clauses. There's a lot you need to keep in mind when constructing proper sentences. Get one little aspect of your sentence structure wrong and you run the risk of saying something that you don't mean, not to mention giving off the impression of carelessness or ignorance.

To write effective and compelling prose - for both informal and formal documents - it's important that you have a working understanding of how sentences are structured.

WhiteSmoke's sentence structure checker will guide you through correcting your text to ensure that your sentences are grammatically and stylistically accurate and that they make sense. The sentence corrector will work to both identify and correct your incorrect sentences, as well as to educate you about proper sentence structure so that you don't make the same structural errors again.

Some of the most common structural errors that WhiteSmoke's sentence checker will identify include:

<*>         Run-on sentences.

<*>         Sentence fragments.

<*>         Comma splices.

<*>         Missing words.

<*>         Fused sentences.

Our sentence checker will go through and proof your entire document, making sure that each of your sentences expresses a complete idea. Each sentence should have a subject and verb (also known as a predicate) and an object. Punctuation should be used accurately, with commas and periods in the correct locations. Each sentence should begin with a capital letter.

You'll find that when your sentences are written correctly, your text as a whole will flow better. Your thoughts will easily be translated into words and those words will easily be understood by your readers.

One of the advantages of using WhiteSmoke's online sentence checker is that it does not work in a vacuum to correct only your sentences. It edits collaboratively with the grammar checker, spell checker, and online punctuation checker to make sure each and every element of your writing is proofread and optimized to the highest possible quality of writing. It would be a shame if your sentence structure was spot-on but that the words in your sentence were all horribly misspelled! And what good is a perfectly spelled document if all the punctuation is way off?

WhiteSmoke's sentence checker is an extremely popular tool for ESL students or for people who are translating their documents from their native language into English. For many foreigners, speaking English may be easy, but writing it may prove to be quite difficult. WhiteSmoke's sentence check program will assist these individuals in improving their writing skills; such people will learn how to write sentences correctly, thus improving their English communication skills and producing more professional texts.

WhiteSmoke's sentence corrector software is viewed not just as a helpful correction tool, but as an educational program as well. The corrector won't just make the appropriate corrections, but will also teach users why the corrections need to be made. It is for this reason that more and more teachers and professors are encouraging their students to use the WhiteSmoke software - not just so that they hand in flawless assignments, but so that they embark on an enriched learning experience at the same time.

So next time you edit your next school assignment, business report, or legal contract, and spot a misplaced modifier or a sentence fragment, you'll know exactly what it is and how to deal with it!

Learn How to Write...in Style!

"Style" is one of the most difficult things to define when discussing how to write properly. Yes, it has something to do with grammar. Yes, punctuation is a key element of style. And yes, the way sentences are constructed is essential to proper writing style.

Yet writing style is also so much more than all of those things. In short, "style," when referring to writing, refers to making your text flow and sound good. If you read a document aloud and something just doesn't sound right, even if the grammar and spelling are 100 percent correct, then you likely have a stylistic error.

Here are two examples of common stylistic errors:

<*>         Monotony - If all of your sentences are the same length, they'll likely give off the same tempo, making your writing sound boring and bland. To avoid this, you should vary your sentence lengths and sentence structures, making for a much more melodic tone to your writing.

<*>         Switching tenses - What's in the past should remain in the past. If you begin a sentence in the past tense, it should stay that way until you type the final period. Switching mid-sentence from past tense to present or future will only confuse your reader.

WhiteSmoke's writing style checker is designed to identify the stylistic errors in your writing. Using computer algorithms that match your writing with hundreds of thousands of other writing samples, the software will quickly and effortlessly find your mistakes, giving you options of how you'd like to correct them.

We find that our style checking program is particularly popular among people who are learning English as a second language (ESL) or for people who are translating their documents from their native language into English. These people may be working towards English fluency in speaking, but learning how to write in English is an entirely different skill that many ESL classes fail to teach. ESL students may learn the nitty-gritty rules of grammar, but still have trouble listening to their writing and identifying what works and what doesn't. That's when WhiteSmoke's online style checker will step in. Our program will enable such students of the English language to ensure that their work isn't just technically accurate, but that it flows well and contains no stylistic mistakes.

Of course our writing style checker is not intended for use solely by non-native English speakers. In fact, it is a popular tool in universities, law firms, and other business offices as well. In fact, anyone who writes anything will benefit from the ease-of-use and effectiveness provided by our style checker. With just the quick click of a button, your document will be scanned for stylistic errors and then corrected, leaving you with a brilliant piece of prose ready for submission or sending off.

So whether you're writing a term paper, legal contract, business proposal, letter of recommendation, or a simply friendly email to your mom, we urge you to run it through our style checker - you won't just end up with a strong piece of writing, but you'll gain more confidence in your writing as well!

If needed in case of ESL - English As a Second Language : Grammar Checking While Learning English

Learning how to speak a new language can be extremely difficult. Learning how to write in a language that's not your mother tongue can prove to be even more challenging. If English is your second language and you are struggling to write reports, letters, applications, business correspondence, and other important documents in English, then you should take advantage of the English language learning benefits of WhiteSmoke's premier English grammar checking software.

Our one-of-a-kind software will proof your writing, checking it for grammar and punctuation errors as well as stylistic mistakes. It also serves as a top-of-the-line spell checker.

If English is not your native language, then you've probably picked up on the fact that English is not the easiest language to learn. There are so many silent letters and conjugating exceptions - enough to make even native English speakers confused! It's no wonder that you're getting frustrated with your English writing!

Our grammar checker will catch grammar and stylistic errors in both formal and informal writing. It serves as a functional guide that will take your flawed writing and fix it, elevating it to high professional or academic standards. Not only that, but once you review your errors and the ways in which WhiteSmoke has corrected your errors (through the error explanation tool) , you'll be receiving your own private English tutorial - look at each editing and reviewing session as a free learning experience!

As translation software, the WhiteSmoke program will also give you the option of writing in your native language and then translating what you have composed into coherent, flawless English writing. Our full-text translating service uses advanced statistical machine translation (SMT) technology that enables you to fully translate your document with a simple click. Alternatively, if you would rather attempt writing in English, the program will offer you access to a multilingual dictionary: Not sure of a single word? Simply type it into the translation dictionary for a quick answer.

Additionally, you can download WhiteSmoke's toolbar and have access to FREE on-demand grammar check, spell check, style check, translating, and English lessons.

The toolbar is one simple way to benefit from our English language correction program. Other services we offer include automatic grammar checking of all outgoing Outlook emails, correction of regular and contextual spelling errors, writing tips, alerts that inform you of missing words and word repetitions, and other important services for people learning English as a second language. Our software is so comprehensive that you'll never need to rely on other spell checkers, grammar checkers, or dictionaries ever again. Nor will you have to spend money on expensive translation or editing services. 

We also offer hundreds of ready-to-use letter templates to help you compose flawless business letters, cover letters, academic acceptance letters, letters of recommendation, and even personal letters. For ESL students, these letter templates won't just be a time saver, but could dramatically impact their academic or professional future, not to mention help them with learning English.

When it comes to writing important documents, you need to make sure that your writing reflects who you are - an intelligent, capable person. Don't let your ESL barrier get in the way of your ambitions!

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