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    Wordnet English Dictionary

    marked by complexity and richness of detail; "an elaborate lace pattern"
    developed or executed with care and in minute detail; "a detailed plan"; "the elaborate register of the inhabitants prevented tax evasion"- John Buchan; "the carefully elaborated theme"
    add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing; "She elaborated on the main ideas in her dissertation"
    produce from basic elements or sources; change into a more developed product; "The bee elaborates honey"
    make more complex, intricate, or richer; "refine a design or pattern"
    work out in detail; "elaborate a plan"

    Wordnet English Thesaurus

    produce, develop, work out, amplify, expand on, add to, enlarge on, expatiate on
    ornamental, ornate, fancy, ostentatious, showy, fussy, complicated, complex, intricate, involved, detailed, carefully planned, convoluted, embelished, adorned, ornamented, busy, extravagant, complex, precise, minute, studied

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